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What prevents you from fully enjoying your life?


We connect the dots between habits around food, thinking, stress and environmental issues to boost your digestion and soothe your insides.  


The myriad causes around fatigue can finally be exposed and discharged so you can start to feel like you're meant to feel.

Chronic Pain

You've tried everything yet pain is a constant companion.  Unravel the layers of chronic pain and finally get relief. 

Women's Health

Balance your body naturally so fertility, hormones, and cycles are navigated with more ease and joy.

Weight Loss

Forget everything you knew to be true about weight loss.  Let's get you your root issue instead. 


Shift out of stress in one session.  Then, learn to create healthy boundaries. Recapitulate.  And drop into ease.


Work With Me

Choose from one of the three following options. 
All of my sessions are virtual. 

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda "the Science of Life" is an ancient system of health care that gets to the root cause of your issue.  It's the grandmother of holistic health.  Clients report permanent shifts in their mental, emotional and physical health.  This common-sense approach toward leading your best life will have you wonder why you didn't find this magical system sooner.  

During this 60 minute session, Kat, works with your etheric body to remove persistent issues that hold you back.  Deep, root cause, healing happens at the most subtle layers of your being to bring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body back into alignment.   You get unstuck so that you can enjoy a life of health, flow, and abundance.  

You can finally transform issues around health, weight, relationships, money, work, and so much more. 


"I really never knew life could be like this. I remember last year this time I was so depressed and this year I am completely a different person, a lot happier and I am definitely more balanced."​

Alisa D.

Yoga Therapeutics

Yoga Therapy's aim is to re-establish balance in the body.  The sight of pain is generally not where the cause of pain originates.  Through movement, breath, and mindfulness, Kat will co-create a practice that supports your full recovery.  Clients are astounded by how chronic conditions melt away often including bone on bone scenarios.  

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