You are a sensitive person.  Your intuition's often on high alert.  Perhaps you feel odd amidst the people that you work with and associate with.  You may have some interesting superpowers that you question.  Are they real?  If I talk about them am I going to be judged?  Am I making this stuff up?

There is a feeling of aloneness in all of this for you.  You haven't found a tribe of like-minded folk that you resonate with and can deeply communicate with.  

You want to feel centered and grounded in who you are.  But the density of your environment has you playing small.  Unsure of yourself. 

We live in unprecedented times. Enormous shifts in how, we as a collective, behave, believe, and what we truly want is happening right now. We haven't yet felt the solid ground under our feet. How we decide to shape our existence is currently still fluctuating on a gigantic level.


As these energies settle, how would you like for your life to be?

This moment, we have an opportunity to shift from within to raise our vibration. I've never seen the veil so thin as it is today. As healers and empaths, we can and will pierce that veil. And not just believe but know that pain, strife, fear, are all manifestations of the human mind on earth.

But there's a new earth unfolding. One that allows us to peek beyond the veil and see that only love exists as we tap into source.


Duality is only a phenomenon of earth space.

Duality brings suffering.

Now is the time to find your tribe.  That's why Veda Tribe was born in May 2019.

Entering its second year,  Veda tribe has 3 Guiding principles.

1. Self Love

We use Ayurveda, yoga and other tools to guide us on this journey. As we heal our bodies, our minds heal. Our relationships heal. We become a stable and calming force for others. We do this on our terms with super healthy boundaries.


Self-realization is the goal of every spiritual path. As we explore our inner workings and scrape away what is NOT us, our true self becomes more and more evident. Self-consciousness falls away. Confidence emerges. We have a stable ground from which to operate.


Once the first two pillars are in place, we get to focus out. And have a blast doing it. We shift our mindset from a work to play mindset. We are in a major contribution AND in a true state of joy. Your unique gifts get shared with the world.

These three principles Self-love, Interiority, and Service are living and breathing practices. Every time we visit them, we see that we have gained:

a broader awareness,

a deeper understanding,

a richer, more fulfilling life.

It's like walking on switchbacks up a mountain. Every time you come to the same view, you experience a higher perspective.

These three principles are part of our medicine wheel.

As a tribe, we hold each member high. We integrate. Bounce ideas, thoughts, and wins off of each other.

We congregate monthly. Of course, we must do this with care in light of our current situation. Live or Zoom.

We stay connected over a private Facebook page.

Monthly themes are explored and practiced.

Your deeper personal work develops inside of tribe.

And, it is skillfully explored and supported with a 1:1 session each month. These 1:1 sessions can take many shapes. They can be held in person and remotely.

Depending on what is called for, these sessions may include:

  • clearing subtle anatomy from your etheric body & chakras

  • soul retrieval

  • Sacred art retrieval

  • Journeying to your pre-birth soul to find your soul contract for this lifetime.

  • Extraction work to remove anything hindering your progress

  • Yoga therapeutics for physical, mental or emotional trauma

  • Ayurveda consultation

  • and so much more

  • Your session could be a combination of one or more of these things.

We also hold special events & gatherings as allowed (we must be malleable and adaptive). In the past we have hosted cooking classes, breaking ancestral Karma, sleepovers, (I long to go on a camping trip : )

The price is the same as last year. It's $75/month.

Veda Tribe is a year-long program.

Those that have completed a previous year cycle, may opt to explore a higher level of service. You may choose this option for a number of reasons.

It could be to groom your unique gifts.

Bring a broader reach to our circle.

Develop the skills to launch your own holistic business.

Or it could be for some other reason.

Please schedule a time to talk if you are interested in this option.

Who is Veda tribe meant for?

Empaths and healers who are ready to practice AND surrender into whom they are meant to BE.

Empaths and healers that are willing to be coached and to hold yourself and other tribe members high.

Empaths and healers that are willing to take responsibility for their results and the results of your tribe members.


Who this is NOT for?

Anyone that wants the fruits of this work but doesn't want to put in the time and energy.

Anyone that wants to stay stuck in their story.

Each of us has our own unique medicine to share. I believe with my whole heart that we as empaths and healers are the planetary shifters. It is time to step into our beautiful light. We get to help form the new earth energy. It always starts with our own self-care. How awesome is it that we have an amazing tribe to play with while we do?

If you are a hell yes, the link to apply is below.

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